Tasked with updating an entire suite of branding with the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences and DICE in a matter of weeks, I threw out nearly everything of the company's previous corporate identity and re-envisioned it as a bright, colorful, modern look. Gone was the drab, bold colors and corporate park fonts and in were fun curves and pop art sensibilities. Over the course of the rebranding, while at iam8bit, we also build all-new books for the show complete with custom pixel and sketch portraits of the executives and industry luminaries, art directed all-new motion graphics for the awards show stingers, and provided art direction for the stage presenceĀ of the awards show.

Nearing its 7th year since the rebrand, DICE has evolved the look butĀ keeps the original art direction intact.


  • Completed a rebranding of multiple identities in a matter of weeks
  • Art directed two full books, a motion graphics suite, and stage presence
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