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Game Informer Magazine

Media Editor, Producer

Originally hired when I was barely 21 to edit graphics for the website, Game Informer effective became my home and university. Taking a chance on a kid, the team there helps me grow into a professional journalist and producer at a very young age jumping into senior staff responsibilities by the time I was 25. While still running a full-time schedule on the Game Informer website, I was a regular contributor to the print magazine writing game previews and reviews. I would go on to also write the monthly tech and gadget column Gear covering everything from high-end televisions to collectible toys to the latest cameras.



  • Editor at Game Informer for over 65 monthly issues
  • Penned the monthly tech-focused Gear column featuring everything from camera reviews to multi-page holiday gift guides
  • Contributed reviews, previews, remote event coverage, option columns, and more
  • Spent nearly two years contributing to world-exclusive reveals of AAA games
  • Game Informer is one of the largest media coverage and larget video game magazine in the world with millions of subscribers
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My last issue as a Game Informer editor featured multiple custom covers for Bioshock Infinite's world reveal inspired by the Saturday Evening Post.