A few years after joining the Game Informer editorial team, the immense task of rebooting the website into something much larger and more competitive cropped up. As one of only two online editors at the time, I took the reins working directly with the web production company to build out a massive new digital publication product. This included all new editorial tech, community features such as friends lists and blogs, and more. Over the course of a year plus, the new took shape. Once launched, the new website drew in a large increase of traffic and won the 2010 People's Voice Webby Award.

On top of helping rebuild the website I served as write and producer posting hundred of pieces from news to event coverage to video interviews and more.

After nearly a decade of service, design I worked has been recently redone but the content from the 2.0 site can still be seen today.


  • Helped oversee the complete reboot of
  • Wrote hundreds of pieces related to news, previews, reviews and much more
  • Helped bridge the content between magazine and website
  • Traveled the world covering events related to gaming and tech
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