Even though iam8bit is a now a boutique marketing agency, it started life as a pop-culture art show in Los Angeles. When moving to LA to take a partnership role in the company, we had decided to lease a huge warehouse in Echo Park to turn into an office and more importantly, a permanent gallery space. Literally from the ground up, we transformed the space into a 6,000+ square foot showcase for art. Kicking off with the hugely successful Super iam8bit show, the space now seven years later still plays host to all things art.

Within the walls of the gallery, we not only did fine art exhibitions like the White Canvas Project but also sponsored group art shows inspired by popular culture brands such as Namco, Street Fighter, and many more.


  • Built out a 6,000 sq/ft gallery space in Echo Park
  • Curated over a dozen art shows that mixed fine art and pop culture
  • Established relationships with many artists and designers and brought them into the marketing side of the company to inject new life into projects
  • Features acclaimed artists from all over the world including Olly Moss, Mike Michell, J3 Concepts, She One, Jim Mahfood, David Walker, Boneface, and many more