Painting with Pixels

Art Director, Agency Partner

To commemorate the 25th Game Developer's Conference, iam8bit was invited to conceive of something swanky that would engage festival-goers. An art installation plus social experiment, Painting w/ Pixels is a tribute to the perseverance of the pixel through several decades of gaming culture. Despite polygons prevailing in this modern area, the geometric prowess of the pixel is still one of intrigue and luster. Each conference attendee was gifted a single pixel (exactly 2x2 inches) to contribute to a 20-by-8-foot pop portrait by famed pixel artist Jude Buffum. Through the course of the convention's week-long run, the large-scale image revealed itself (all 5,760 pixels of it), illustrating the true power of collaboration. The installation would go on to be featured in the American Institute of Graphic Arts' 365 Design Effectiveness traveling exhibition and added as a permanent entry to the design archives.


  • 5,760 2" pixel swatches placed hand-placed by thousands of attendees over a week
  • AIGA's 365 Design Effectiveness featured and design archived
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