When taking a hardcore console fighting title built with completely hand-animated 2D  assets and a custom game engine and rethinking it for mobile devices, no rock can be left unturned.

Rather than just porting Skullgirls to the iPhone, we started from scratch and built an all-new game from the ground up with the goal of making ht best fighting game on mobile. Over the course of a few years with a team size of less than a dozen, we designed and built out a full RGP fighting game complete with an incredibly deep metagame featuring a huge roster of variant characters, skill trees, equipable specials moves with variable stats, and much more. We also spent a ton of time refining the controls to make it a true fighting game, not something that resorts relative screen tapping or frustrating virtual joysticks.


  • Millions of downloads on iOS and Android with a lifetime average of 4.6 stars
  • Featured by Apple globally and regionally many times over the last 18 months
    • Including multiple Game of the Day feature in the U.S., Japan, and Korea
  • Featured by Google as a Best New Indie Game release
  • Features 100% hand-animated characters almost never seen in modern gaming
  • Contains a robust, completely new metagame with tons of layers
  • Lauded by critics such as TouchArcade as one of the best fighting games on mobile ever made
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