When Asher Volmer and Greg Wohlwend needed help expanding the reach of their indie darling Threes, we answered the call. While it was just an iOS title gaining traction, Hidden Variable stepped in to bring the game to a larger audience, localize it for international distribution, and help with PR and marketing outreach. While working on the project, I pitch an Xbox version to Microsoft that was greenlit quickly and is, to the day, the only game fully playable in a snapped window on the Xbox One while viewing/playing other content. I also spearheaded an expanded merchandise presence with a custom design plush as well as an artist-driven line with my former company iam8bit that features shirts, prints, and pins.

Threes is considered as one of the best indie game ever made for iOS and won an Apple Design Award and Apple's 2014 Game of the Year.


  • Pitched and got funding for, and helped producer a one-of-a-kind Xbox One version
  • Helped design a fair, well-received free-to-play model for a game designed to be premium, single purchase game
  • Has generated millions of downloads and over a billion plays.
  • Helped design and facilitate a custom plush and artist-designed merch
  • Official Xbox Magazine's Indie Game of the Year